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This is simple, Cas! No more crap about being a good soldier. There is a right and there is a wrong here, and you know it. Look at me! You know it! You were gonna help me once, weren’t you? You were gonna warn me about all this, before they dragged you back to bible camp. Help me — now. Please.

#this scene is so beautiful #because castiel has the strength of an angel #if he didn’t want to be moved by dean #then he WOULDN’T be moved by dean #i mean that literally but i also suppose i mean that on an emotional level as well #but the thing is #cas DOES want to be moved by dean because ever since he pulled his soul from hell and rebuilt him by hand #dean winchester has been moving castiel. inch by inch. one day at a time. but moving him all the same

#two minutes later he punches him and it’s like hitting iron #and even then castiel rolls with that punch to soften the blow on dean’s hand #the way he makes himself pliable even when naturally he’s unmoveable

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#yessss #amd the way dean does all this without fear #and such a change from 4x02 where dean was like I just threatened an angel #its like he trusts cas already #knows that cas cares about and won't hurt him #cause he just swings him around punches him shouts at him #without fear #and that's amazing #destiel #season 4 #sometimes you almost forget they have this much history 

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if you’re feeling down, just remember that castiel is a cute drunk


who flirted with dean winchester


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miscommunication as a plot device makes me angry

if you just talked to each other but no

hated this since before I knew what a trope was.

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I’m meeting Misha in January!!!!



I’m so excited I could honestly cry! I really never thought I would have this chance because I never thought they would come to Houston. I have Lyme Disease and I can’t travel to other cities even if I could afford something like DallasCon.

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Anonymous asked:
I really hope it's more towards to the side of Dean being selfish in bed (instead of his usual selflessness/focusing on her pleasure stuff that we saw in early seasons) rather than any sort of dubcon. I don't have high/any expectations, but there are ways that they can show Dean to be different in bed without it being dubcon. Other options include him really agressively giving pleasure/being more dominant instead of his usual soft nature in bed.

Yeah I super agree, I hope he’s just aggressive and selfish and not, for lack of a better word, kind of rapey. Like he’s a demon, we can’t really expect morals from him, but he’s handsome and charming enough I doubt he’ll need to use force… and I hope that the writers wouldn’t go there, Jensen wouldn’t go there, and Dean wouldn’t go there even as a demon. :/ I guess we’ll just have to see.

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Anonymous asked:
Hey do you have any meta on dean and on the road being bi etc


I don’t think the sexuality (subtextual or textual, depending on the edition) of Kerouac’s Sal has fucktweezers to do with Dean’s sexuality.  They aren’t copies or an AU version, it’s just a character Kripke used as a partial influence…along with Han Solo, James Dean, and Have Gun Will Travel.  

definitely don’t think it’s a hidden “clue” as to or “reference to” Dean’s bisexuality, because I don’t think that Jensen is playing him bisexual, he’s being written as bisexual, or that he was conceptualized as bisexual, and therefore that there aren’t any hints from TPTB to be found.  


I do believe that Dean is bisexual and that has been written in canon and portrayed by Jensen, both very much on purpose.  But I think they’d swear to you all day otherwise and mean it, because I think the problem here is one of definition.  I think that they’d both tell you that Dean is a very masculine man whose masculinity means a lot to him to the point of occasional overcompensation and not infrequent chauvinism and misogyny, that he really, really really enjoys women sexually, visually, and sensually, but that he’s also secure enough in himself that yeah, sure, there’ve been a few times he’s glanced at a dude and thought dayum, can’t say I might not hit that if I had the chance.    

And yes, that makes him bisexual, you’re right.  But the thing is, we’re a fucking ignorant society when it comes to non-binary sexuality.  Homosexual, we get. Heterosexual, we get.  But there’s this idea that bisexuality is the thing exactly in the middle only.  Dean is NOT written or played as equally attracted to men and women romantically.  Dean is NOT written as giving no shits about his partner’s gender.  Dean is NOT written as equally sexually aroused by men and women.  Dean is written and played as a man attracted 99% of the time sexually and romantically to women who has had his moments of interest in men but never had a boyfriend, consensual sex with a man, used gay porn to get off, or otherwise had anything come of it beyond a raised eyebrow or a dude, tappable nod.  And to the majority of non-Tumblr-SJW 30 and 40-something American adults (aka Jensen and most of the writing staff) that does not make him bisexual, that makes him “not narrow-minded heterosexual,” which is how they write and play him.

It is and isn’t the same thing, and I think it’s one of the biggest thing that wanks this fandom in circles, because when the fandom asks Jensen and TPTB if Dean is bi, they mean “is he ever attracted, even latently, to other men?” and when Jensen and TPTB answer that he’s not bi, they mean “He isn’t a Kinsey 3…he’s like a 1-point-okay-he’s-severely-confused-about-the-whole-angel-thing-but-so-not-even-addressing-it-yet-because-other-apocalypses-to-fry which means he’s straight.” I think this is also where the “bisexual would make Dean OOC” thing comes from, because they’re looking at it as suddenly having to retcon him as right in the middle of the rainbow and “half gay” (with accompanying stereotypes about what that would mean) rather than simply saying it is not impossible he could get hard for a dude occasionally with no change to anything else about him.

And what about the whole angel thing?  I think they haven’t decided yet, I think that right now Misha and Jensen are just playing I LOVE YOU I NEED YOU at the top of their hearts’ volume and leaving it for the writers to parse what kind of love and need later, but I think that even if they do decide it’s a kind of love that involves sexual and romantic attraction, they still won’t consider Dean a bisexual character: He’ll be “het with an exception.”  

Because biphobia and bi erasure means that unless you’re smack dab in the middle Kinsey 3 Oberyn “then everyone is missing half the world’s pleasure” Martell, you’re gay or straight with “phases,” “exceptions,” “moments,” “fantasies,” and “asterixes.”   

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about Dean's relationships with women

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#hmmmmm #i'm not entirely sure what to think about this #on the one hand i really like that description 'chivalrous womanizer' cause yes that's so dean #but now i really want to know how they're going to play him as an asshole with the waitress #i really hope that don't do dubcon or noncon eck #please #but if he's just being an asshole that does make me think the waitress will be a one-time thing #hmm #jen #season 10 #season 10 spoilers