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Misha Collins attend CW’s ‘Supernatural’ Panel during Comic-Con International 2014

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Anonymous asked:
I was having a bad day and for some reason reading your "fuck john winchester" tag cheered me up, so thanks for hating that abusive fucker as much as I do :) And I have this headcanon that one of the reasons John didn't put the boys in a foster home and go hunting alone was because they were both part Mary and kind of helped him validate/remember the reasons for his actions? Like he was intentionally triggering himself with them or something so that he could keep looking for Azazel.

I just love that my hatred can bring joy to other people’s lives. :D Hmm, that’s an interesting thought! I think he definitely kept them close for the selfish reason of actually being codependent upon them himself, using them as a sort of emotional crutch, as well as a physical one, using them to take care of him. He probably both hated the reminder of Mary and couldn’t let go of the last pieces of her, probably felt both rage and comfort to look in their faces and see her there. 

I think that in all of our hating of John we should never deny or forget that he was a human with feelings and pain, and that he once was a good man, because painting him as an evil and heartless monster can make it all the more difficult to recognize real life abusers whom we actually feel sympathetic for. 

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peter capaldi is a blessing on this world

Oh god I was so worried about this too

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stop taking bucky’s metal arm away

stop taking charles’ wheelchair away

stop taking clint’s hearing aids away

disabled superheroes are important stop sucking please

I read this wrong and I was just picturing them all confused as to who keeps taking their stuff.

"Steve have you seen my arm anywhere?"

"Nope, sorry Bucky.  By the way, have you seen Clint’s hearing aids?  He hasn’t been able to hear a damn thing all day"

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i can’t believe we live in a world where someone on tumblr can call chris evans a dorito in the tags of some post and have it circulate so widely that robert downey jr calls him that often enough that chris evans gets the joke behind it.

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Hey friends, if you have any scars that you want to fade, you might like to know that frankincense essential oil is really good at healing scars. It also smells incredible and helps to reduce anxiety. :)

Here are one two three four different good ones that aren’t too expensive. Sometimes it’s diluted with jojoba oil, which makes it less expensive but also makes it oily when you put it on. The pure frankincense isn’t oily or noticeable at all. It smells sort of like pine and citrus together, and it’s great for your skin, for healing, headaches, and your immune system. It’s my favorite. :)

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Anonymous asked:
i understand you love jared but its unhealthy to pretend he hasnt said anything that warrants hate, he made problematic comments and you are appearing rather stupid by blindly defending him


blindly defending him???

now sit down and LET ME TELL YOU A THING

for starters, people are literally putting words into jared’s mouth and everything that people are hating on him for, he dID NOT SAY. so he’s sexist because he likes that the show focuses on platonic relationships and mainly the relationships of the brothers? what, really? i watch supernatural because i like that it doesn’t focus a lot on romantic relationships, and i’m pretty sure a lot of people out there do too. and that in no way makes us misogynistic. it has literally nothing to do with female characters on the show or sexism in any way.

but you know what, yeah, supernatural has been pretty awful with women characters in the past. but we’ve also had a hell of a lot of strong female characters that i personally have loved, but really? it’s not because they’re women. it’s because they’re PEOPLE. supernatural is a show about two brothers and if you’re butthurt bc the two main characters are dudes then it sucks to be you. because real equality is about not spending every waking fucking moment paying attention to how many men there are here and how many women there are there. what WOULD be sexist and misogynistic is if they cast women characters just for the sake of having women on the show and not fleshing out their characters enough. 

this isn’t jared’s problem, it doesn’t even have anything to do with jared. he doesn’t write the fucking script. nowhere did he say anything about not wanting to work with female actors and have female characters on the show. NOWHERE. so get your head out of your ass and stop making up shit that he said just to give you an excuse to complain about him. 

finally, everyone who is attacking jared and hating on him are the ones who are “stupid”, not me, or anyone who is defending him. because not once have i ever sat and thought to myself, ‘hEY LOOK WHY DON’T I BE AN ASSHOLE TODAY AND SPREAD HATE ABOUT SOMEBODY I DON’T EVEN KNOW JUST BECAUSE I DON’T AGREE WITH THEM?’ maybe you all should stop being so disrespectful and BLINDLY hateful of an actor who has given 9 years of his life to a show that you claim to love, and who has SAID. N OTHING. W R O NG.

also: “warrants hate”? “WARRANTS HATE”? WHAT JARED SAID DOESN’T GIVE ANYBODY, A NY B O D Y, THE RIGHT TO BE AS RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL ABOUT IT AS THEY ARE BEING RIGHT NOW. READ: DON’T BE A FUCKING ASSHOLE. if he had actually said something hateful and out of line, WHICH HE DIDN’T, then it’d be understandable to be angry. but there’s still no need to be such a fucking douchebag about it.

and saying i “love” jared and belittling me for having respect for somebody is pathetic. if jared had said something wrong, yeah, i would accept it. i wouldn’t defend him blindly just because i “love” him. but i wouldn’t be rude about it like everyone on here is being, including you, anon, for being such an asshole in my inbox. tHAT is the kind of thing that warrants being rude. 

so yeah, fuck you.

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I present to you: Jensen reaction pictures. they barely need captions i mean really. this man.

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